MAPP’s origins date back to 2002 when working with the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at the Judge Institute, an initial version was developed for use with students. Using some research that had been carried out to determine the nature of what major decisions businesses made as they started and grew, a visual planning tool was developed that allowed users to rapidly create and communicate new business strategies.

The results of this work formed the basis of a range of products, training courses and other services that are now used widely across both the business and education sectors to raise business awareness and to educate about business process.

Although founded within the academic arena and widely used within learning environments – the educational model has been implemented at over 70 universities – the methodology has been applied across a wide range of business sectors with its tools being used not just to create and communicate strategy but also to drive effective implementation.

MAPP is regularly used to develop top-level strategies but the same mechanism and process can be applied to any multi-decision process where ownership of the implementation of decisions is dispersed.

But MAPP is also an excellent coaching tool – applicable right across the board from:

  • Individual (life coaching) to team-building
  • Leadership and team-coaching as an integral part of a business activity including many task-specific acivities including:
    • Planning
    • Company start-up
    • Company growth
    • Project management.

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MAPP Coaching

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