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    Ownership of Performance Issues

    It is vital when assessing the quality of any performance that the standard of performance is acknowledged by person being assessed. That’s going to be relatively easy if the performance is good – though even then looking to improve can become contentious. After all if it is good enough now why waste effort...

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  • Good Leadership Relies Upon Interpretation, Communication And Trust

    Good Leadership Relies Upon Interpretation, Communication And Trust

    Good leadership is a requirement of all walks of life. As an ex-serviceman I understood that supporting the corporate strategy is what every member of a unit, regiment or ship is about. In the Forces – at every level – we would have seen it as the ‘task’. But – again at every level –...

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  • Asking Questions

    Asking Questions

    “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates We ask questions every second. Some questions and answers are subconscious others more a part of our problem-solving. For example, subconsciously we may not be aware of the way we assess putting one foot in front of the other as we walk. Consciously, we will...

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  • Even Lions Sneeze

    When the Boss Sneezes Does Everyone Catch a Cold?

    I suppose the answer to that question is whether they use a handkerchief or just sneeze over everyone. It follows that good behaviour – using a handkerchief – protects and sets a good, social, example. Not covering their mouth is antisocial and a poor example. Our behaviour can have the same effect on those...

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