MAPP and High Growth

Effective Coaching Approach

MAPP Sets have been developed from the knowledge and experience of hundreds of different coaches, ‘experts’ and companies that have already created and implemented similar plans.

Using their insight, and your coaching skills, you can help your client companies develop an effective plan using a MAPP set, quickly and simply. The process is revealing for client and coach alike, providing a rich seam of activity, attitudes and behaviours to observe.

MAPP was the chosen approach of the east of england development agencies Coaching for High Growth Programme run in 2010-11. That programme involved the training of 20+ high growth coaches in the MAPP approach and MAPP Growth was used with around 120 companies who went through the programme.

MAPP in Action

What Coaches Say

“MAPP has worked well for me right across the spectrum, from young innocent “Start Ups” through to large well-established profitable businesses and even hostile Boards embroiled in M&A. The success of MAPP is you get more out of it than you put in. MAPP is like a comprehensive satellite road map; clearly identifying all the pitfalls spread before you and, with a well trained Practitioner to guide you, you can really make it work well for you and your business.”
Martin Parkes of Parkes & Son Limited

“MAPP is a facilitator’s dream… transparent learning and communication, encouraging individuals and teams to make a difference, whilst measuring success on their own terms.”
Clare Concannon of Positive Experience Training


What You Get In The Box

Each MAPP set includes everything you need to create a plan with your client:

  • MAPP getting started guide [everything you need to know]
  • MAPP team guide including full instructions
  • MAPP card set including 10 blank cards
  • MAPP planning board
  • MAPP accessories kit

Plus, the set includes a free subscription to the MAPP service online. This is ideal to host your client’s completed MAPP plan. This gives you:

  • Free transcription of the physical MAPP plan to the MAPP web service [users must provide digital photos to enable this to happen; full instructions are provided]
  • 3 months ‘Basic’ MAPP web service subscription free of charge [Normally £9.99 per month plus VAT]
  • Access to MAPP store content, including additional free content sets, plus online support

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