Features and Benefits

MAPP Growth is focused on assisting organisations with significant growth ambitions that need to have a solid and flexible plan as they transform to meet new challenges.

MAPP Growth involves all the key players in the organisation in creating an agreed and deliverable plan which can be regularly reviewed and modified as the environment changes.

MAPP Growth helps you keep a close eye on what has, as well as what still needs to be achieved.


What Users Say

“MAPP has provided us with a very valuable set of tools which enable us not only to do some much needed business navel-gazing but has helped us to tease out particular issues and to prioritise them, all with a view to our own end goal. Every SME wanting to be successful should have access to this insightful process.”

Claudia Lambert – Director at Lambert Bardsley Reeve Architecture

“I started off with a business that needed clarity about its objectives and its USP. Within the first hour of using MAPP, it became clear that the real USP was different from the one I imagined. By the end of a gruelling session, we had a map of an action plan for the next five years, a much clearer vision for the future, and confidence in managing the growth of the business.”

Antony Hurden – Founder at Grounded Innovation


What You Get In The Box

The MAPP Growth set includes:

  • MAPP getting started guide [everything you need to know]
  • MAPP team guide including full instructions
  • MAPP card set including 10 blank cards
  • MAPP planning board
  • MAPP accessories kit

Plus, purchasers of the set receive a free subscription to the MAPP service online. This gives them:

    • Free transcription of their physical MAPP plan to the MAPP service online [users must provide digital photos to enable this to happen; full instructions are provided]
    • 3 months ‘Basic’ MAPP service subscription free of charge [Normally £9.99 per month plus VAT]
    • Access to MAPP store content, including additional free content sets, plus online support

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