The Practitioner Offer

The world of providing support and advice is increasingly competitive. There are now many thousands of coaches offering services to businesses and individuals and similar numbers of mentors. Trainers abound as do consultants, with a myriad of offers to help ‘improve performance’.

Where does MAPP fit into this? Our approach uses proven tools and techniques to help Practitioners improve their own performance with individuals and groups. MAPP does not replace your existing knowledge, skills and experience, rather, it enhances your current offer and improves outcomes for customers.

MAPP provides you with the ability to retain and grow existing revenues as well as generate incremental revenues from a wider client base.

To undergo the full MAPP Practitioner training costs nothing. You can book your day NOW! Just click here to sign up!

To become a Licensed Practitioner – you can decide at the end of the course whether you want to do that – costs £400 to cover the materials pack [valued at over £500] plus an annual licence fee of £199 [plus VAT]. This can be paid in instalments.


What Practitioners Say

“MAPP has worked well for me right across the spectrum, from young innocent “Start Ups” through to large well-established profitable businesses and even hostile Boards embroiled in M&A. The success of MAPP is you get more out of it than you put in. MAPP is like a comprehensive satellite road map; clearly identifying all the pitfalls spread before you and, with a well trained Practitioner to guide you, you can really make it work well for you and your business.”

Martin Parkes of Parkes & Son Limited

“MAPP is a facilitator’s dream… transparent learning and communication, encouraging individuals and teams to make a difference, whilst measuring success on their own terms.”

Clare Concannon of Positive Experience Training


For Practitioners and their Clients

MAPP provides significant benefits to both Practitioner and Client

  • MAPP creates opportunities, through facilitating planned events
  • MAPP differentiates you from the competition; it provides a unique and effective approach that clients will pay for
  • MAPP activities have a higher perceived and actual value to a standard delivery and can attract a higher fee
  • The collaborative approach and timespan of the plan positions you as a valuable member of the client’s team. This secures opportunities for on-going activity with the client
  • MAPP speeds up the delivery of a strategic plan because the process allows you to assess the opinions of the senior management team on each of the potential decisions
  • MAPP allows you to witness the dynamics between the management team providing potential topics for further Leadership Coaching
  • The MAPP Practitioners’ Network provides you with access to tried and tested programmes and peer support to deliver them effectively
  • MAPP provides robust marketing support and a referrral network that will increase your clent base
  • As the process can remove the requirement for one-to-one meetings with each of the management team, it releases your time for other billable activity

Next Steps

Becoming a MAPP Practitioner

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