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There’s no shortage of information, advice and guidance for those wishing to start up a business. Apparently we’ve all got a business in us and given the lack of growth in the economy and the lack of jobs, becoming self-employed or starting a business is now a necessity rather than a choice for many.

But all the information and advice doesn’t make taking the plunge any easier. Business appears complex and risky, especially when you have no experience or
lack formal training. So, how to improve the chances of your success as a new business owner; how to reduce risks and make the right decisions?

MAPP is a tool designed to do just that. MAPP Start-Up has been created to help start-ups of all kinds to develop simple and effective plans, quickly and that
can be implemented immediately. It uses the knowledge and experience of hundreds of others who have been through the process to help you to hit the
ground running.

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The MAPP web service is free for 30 days, so enough time to find out how powerful it is and what it can do for you, your team and your business. Apply for your free trial by entering your details below. Once received, instructions on how to sign up will be sent to you by email.

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“Our MAPP continues to be our inspiration as well as a reminder of the many tasks we need to complete or keep doing on our journey to attain our goal. It is a flexible, hands-on visual tool for the entire office to engage in, helping management explain to staff the business direction as well as the reasoning behind our decision-making.”
Claudia Lambert. Director at Lambert Bardsley Reeve Architecture

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If you are a coach, consultant or trainer join us on one of our Practitioner Training Days and learn to use MAPP to support Start-Ups. The MAPP approach uses proven tools and techniques to help you improve planning performance with individuals and groups.

While MAPP does not replace your existing knowledge, skills and experience, it does enhance your current offer and can improve outcomes for the start-ups you work with. Our version of an ‘Open Day’ is high value – we invite you to attend and take part in our MAPP Practitioner Training without incurring ANY cost – just the investment of a day of your time.

You will learn how to use MAPP in a live strategy planning session with a group plus use a number of key coaching and group facilitation methods and approaches. You are then able to purchase MAPP sets at the normal retail price through this website to use yourself or with clients.

If you’re interested in coming along, then just click here to SIGN UP NOW and remember there is no commitment except your time. If you subsequently decide to become a Licensed Practitioner you can then take advantage of the significant benefits they enjoy.

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MAPP Start-Up also comes as a physical product that you can use to visualise a plan around a desk or table. You can see what a set looks like by clicking here.

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