The MAPP Practitioner Event Kit

The standard MAPP set is being used successfully by Practitioners to help their clients to create plans. A MAPP set enables a team to create a strategy using the physical set and includes the transposing of the plan to the MAPP web service which (with the included three months subscription) enables the plan to be shared, monitored and implemented.

To enable Practitioners to effectively promote the use of MAPP and to deliver workshops and seminars where multiple MAPP sets are needed, we have developed the event kit, where multiple sets of the physical materials can be purchased.

The event kit includes 3 full sets of MAPP materials that enable three groups of say up to six participants to experience MAPP in action. That’s 18 prospective clients experiencing a MAPP session who may convert into clients and purchasers of a full MAPP set.

If 3 sets isn’t enough, or you’d like to buy even more competitively, then there are Kit prices for multiples of 3 sets. An event kit can contain any mix of standard priced sets; ie growth, start-up, negotiation, etc..

What’s NOT in the kit

Because Practitioners have said they just want the basic items, and to keep the price down, these kits don’t include:

  • the accessories pack [post-its, blu tack, sticky dots etc..]
  • the Getting started guide
  • transposing of the completed MAPP on to the MAPP web service
  • the 3 months free MAPP web service subscription




[incl of VAT]


[excl VAT]

Price per set

[excl VAT]

MAPP Event Kit 3 3 of each of the following: 1 x card set; 10 x blank cards; 1 x team guide; 1 x planning board [folded]

Supplied in a single box




MAPP Event Kit 6 2 x MAPP Event Kit 3




MAPP Event Kit 9 3 x MAPP Event Kit 3





MAPP Event Kit 12+ If ordering 12 or more sets, in multiples of 3, this is the price per set.





To order your Event kits, just select from the drop-down menu. All prices include VAT and postage and packing.

Event Kit Size