Features and Benefits

The MAPP web service provides an easy way use MAPP online allowing you to share your plan with everyone involved in its implementation and monitor progress towards your goal. The service is available over the Internet through a standard web browser and is accessed securely via an individual login.

Once logged in you can view and manipulate your plan, adjusting the position and ownership of decision steps in the plan as well as managing tasks related to the completion of each step.There are three levels of access; the primary user or creator is the person who manages access and any major changes to the overall MAPP; the secondary user or decision owner is able to manipulate any decision for which they are responsible and the tasks related to that decision; the tertiary user or editor is allowed to edit any task for which they are responsible and update their progress.

Extra information related to the completion of the step or any task can be added as well as any relevant notes. As tasks are completed the decision step fills up showing progress until the point when all tasks are complete.Reports of all decision steps and tasks can be viewed or exported for use in other applications such as Outlook or other task management systems.

MAPP in Action

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MAPP Content Store

Using the Experience of Others

MAPP can be used with a wide range of content to build and implement plans of any kind and you will soon be able to access this content online through the MAPP store as part of the MAPP web service. The MAPP store will hold content provided by experts and practitioners covering all areas of planning. Content already includes sets on Export, Carbon Reduction, Growth, Start-Up and Marketing and is being added to on a regular basis.

MAPP content sets will all be individually priced by the content creator and may be available in different packages dependent on the detail of the content and levels of support provided.

You will be able to browse the MAPP store in a number of ways including by sector, by author, and by user ratings.

Anyone with appropriate experience or insight can upload their own content for sale through the MAPP store. If this is of interest please look at our Content Creation page.

Accessing the MAPP Web Service

Pricing and Purchase

Subscribing to the MAPP web service costs from as little as £9.99 per month for a basic subscription that gives you up to 10 MAPPs. There are a range of other levels of subscription which you can see here.

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