The Network Practitioner

Growing the Practitioner Network

The use of MAPP by client companies – our end users – is being driven by our Practitioners, so we are keen to increase the numbers who are trained to use MAPP. We have embarked on a recruitment campaign to attract a number of local MAPP Network Practitioners whose primary role is to recruit MAPP Practitioners through in their local areas and using their networks.

A Network Practitioner is Licensed to use MAPP with their own clients, like other Practitioners, however, they are rewarded for recruiting, training and supporting other Practitioners in their local area as well.

This role will suit those who already have an extensive network in the enterprise and entrepreneurship space and are keen to maximise the return from their networking activities. Those with training, coaching and consulting experience will also benefit from opportunities to earn commission and fees from developing other MAPP opportunities in their local areas with Practitioners or end users.

For a more detailed understanding of the role download the  here

A Network Practitioner in Action

What They Say

Network Practitioner Yuliana Topazly has been in action for 3 months.Yuliana runs Phase 1 Training and is heavily involved in enterprise activity in her local area south of London. She is the Start-Up Britain local Champion for Purley.

As someone who networks as a professional necessity, Yuliana was already in contact with others who might be interested in using MAPP with their clients.

In August 20 local intermediaries attended a demonstration event; they gave up a Saturday morning to hear about how MAPP mights support their own local activities. She was supported that day by her first Practitioner signing, Yvonne Witter, who says about MAPP “the tool is excellent, as it creates a rewarding experience for both consultant and client out of what could be a mundane activity”. Yvonne is already planning to introduce MAPP to contacts she has in business support agencies in Jamaica, St Lucia and Ghana.

What’s Involved?

How the Package Works

Becoming a Network Practitioner

  • Network Practitioner Licence [include standard Practitioner Licence]
  • MAPP Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing Support
  • Free access to the MAPP web service
  • Access to the MAPP store
  • Online, community and telephone support

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