It is vital when assessing the quality of any performance that the standard of performance is acknowledged by person being assessed. That’s going to be relatively easy if the performance is good – though even then looking to improve can become contentious. After all if it is good enough now why waste effort to be better?

But without the person being coached taking ownership it is impossible to move forward and correct poor performance or enhance good performance.

An excellent ‘resilience strategy’ stated by Dr Gloria B Solomon in her article Overcoming Performance Errors with Resilience, explains a process created with Andrea Becker that provides managers and coaches with four useful steps for dealing with performance in all works of life. And yes it does have an interesting mnemonic!

A – Acknowledge – The start point in the strategy and a vital step. Without acknowledging and taking ownership of the performance assessment (good or bad)  the remaining three steps cannot honestly be tackled.

R – Review – Once the performance standard is acknowledged and accepted by the individual being managed or coached it is important to determine what has caused any poor performance or what skills exist that support any good performance.

S – Strategise – Having identified the causal factors behind the performance it is possible to plan to correct and support poor performance. It also ensures that any effort to support improvement is focussed, cost-effective and – again – owned by the individual being managed or coached.

E – Execute and prepare – This is not the final step though. Because once a plan has been put into action review will be needed again. In fact it will be expected! Any individual that has been appraised or is being coached will want to know how they are doing. But ownership means a greater commitment to success on the part of the person being appraised or coached.

Many of our MAPPs contain some or all of the above functions. However, both ‘review’ and ‘strategise’ are central to every MAPP product.

You can’t coach without recognising the present and without planning for the future. A MAPP will help keep you on track using its unique review and strategise processes.

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