MAPP Coach Testimonials

MAPP Coach has been used with hundreds of coaches and clients and here is a selection of what people have been saying about using the system.


A coach’s dream

MAPP Coach is a coach’s dream… transparent learning and communication, encouraging individuals and teams to make a difference, whilst measuring success on their own terms.

Clare Concannon
Positive Experience Training
You get more out of it than you put in

MAPP Coach has worked well for me right across the spectrum, from young innocent “Start Ups” through to large well-established profitable businesses and even hostile Boards embroiled in M&A. The success of MAPP Coach is you get more out of it than you put in. MAPP is like a comprehensive satellite road map; clearly identifying all the pitfalls spread before you and, with a well trained Practitioner to guide you, you can really make it work well for you and your business.

Martin Parkes
Parkes & Son Limited
A valuable set of tools

MAPP has provided us with a very valuable set of tools which enable us not only to do some much needed business navel-gazing but has helped us to tease out particular issues and to prioritise them, all with a view to our own end goal. Every SME wanting to be successful should have access to this insightful process.

Claudia Lambert
Lambert Bardsley Reeve Architecture
You get a map of an action plan

I started off with a business that needed clarity about its objectives and its USP. Within the first hour of using MAPP Coach, it became clear that the real USP was different from the one I imagined. By the end of a gruelling session, we had a map of an action plan for the next five years, a much clearer vision for the future, and confidence in managing the growth of the business.

Antony Hurden
Grounded Innovation
Very enjoyable and useful process

A very practical and engaging way to realise what’s floating around in my head. It’s great to be able to visually see in one place my various business ideas.

Jessica Kemp
Frabjous Events

Any business coaching exercise at any level of experience, or scale of operation can benefit from the fresh thinking of MAPP.

Rick Hall
Structure your thoughts!

MAPP Coach is a great way of structuring your thoughts and ideas into a visual system that’s easy to build and follow.
A great way of thinking about elements of the business that hadn’t occurred to us!

Steve Haley
MAPP: Fun and Productive!

I am not a big fan of mind maps as such, but the experience of doing the MAPP Coach was both a fun as well as a productive experience.

Andrea Busch
I Assist Your Biz
Streamline, prioritise and order ideas for the business

Really helped me streamline, order and prioritise all of the ideas / requirements for the business. Allowed me to pull the jumble of ideas in my head and get them down on MAPP Coach in a way that makes sense to me.

James Kidd
Bad News Records
Great Fun!

The experience helped me to focus and plan my business objectives in a very practical and visual way. Great Fun!

Sarah Breen
Frabjous Events